History, Overview, Tips and Professional Competitive Events

History, Overview, Tips and Professional Competitive Events

Welcome to the Beenleigh Darts website. We will introduce you to this great sport and give you our insights and overview on this game. The darts game is a great hobby. It involves throwing a dart to hit the smallest sections of the target. Thus, a dart that will stick in the outer crown (green or red sections) doubles the value of the area. A touch in the middle crown (green or red sections) triples the value of the area. In the middle of the target, a key in the outer (green) bubble counts, depending on the game, for a key or 25 or 50 points. A key in the inner bubble (red) counts, depending on the game, for one or two keys or 50 points. The game of darts is more than a distraction or a sport. It corresponds to a particular philosophy developed by a centuries-old tradition.

What are Darts and How Do You Play Them?

The history of darts dates back to the 14th century (the first known mention dates from 1341). Several ancient texts evoke soldiers who barely relaxed between battles, throwing wooden stilts or other sharp objects against barrels of wine. This served not only as a distraction, but also as an imminent combat training. They practiced quietly to aim well, not to miss their opponents.

Since then, more and more texts have referred to a fun that has gradually become a sport in its own right. Christopher Columbus, Henry VIII and Napoleon Bonaparte are some famous fans of the game of darts.

World Darts Championships

There are plenty of World Darts Championship events, including the PDC held by the Dart Corporation. Anyhow, the World Darts Federation (WDF) is working to ensure that the sport of the sport is formalized and that darts are "recognized" by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). For a sport, to be recognized is the first step, to dream one day of being at the Olympics. Note that there are an impressive number of competitions, broadcast in England by Sky Sports in particular or Euro sport, and very often sponsored by online betting sites. In fact, you will find a plethora of betting sites, including online casinos that offer some incredible betting odds for dart events. Regardless if you are a novice or more of an experienced player, the casino bonuses will help you out a lot. Just be sure to login on some legal online casino site, and the rest is easy. Best of luck.

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