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Beenleigh & District Darts

24 Railway Parade
Woodridge 4207

Phone: +61 (07) 3208 6025
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Well in to the new season of darts, and welcome to all returning players and new members, to this Beenleigh Darts 40th year in darts. We have come a long way since we were just the 4 Beenleigh Pubs and the Waterford (Riverwild) Tavern. We still have a few members who can remember back that far.
Of course they were very young at the time.

I am sure you must all have noticed the excellent paint job both inside and outside the club. A big thanks to Dennis Brewer who worked so hard over the Christmas break, it looks fantastic. Dennis is a man of all trades who believes if a job is worth doing, its worth doing well. If you need anything building or fixing he’s your man

The club was awarded  grant of $4400 ($400 is GST) to pay the consultation fees of a club development company (CPR GROUP). The grant is specifically for this and cannot be used for anything else. A questionnaire from CPR has been distributed to teams captains, as CPR thought our members should have input into the club and where it is going in the future. It is hoped that the questions will be answered sensibly and not like one returned with just 2 questions answered the same “ get rid of those who cause trouble” or something similar. Of course he/she was not “brave” enough to put their name on the form.
Others I have seen have some very good suggestions and these will be seriously considered.

We have had a building engineer come to the club and he is in the process of drawing up plans for our renovations.
We are looking at removing the half walls in two of the courts and the glass court. A floor will then be constructed across the top to make a second floor level. We can then have a further 10 boards on the walls and qualify for some of the bigger competitions.
This is a big job and will be done in stages as the money is available. We do not want to go in any debt for this.

Saturday saw the Beenleigh Zone trials and a good turnout for the men 11, but only 5 for the ladies.
Bev James, Beryl Easterbrook, Ally Bruce , Mavis Douglass & Rosemary Gooding go through to the next round. From the men, TJ Fitzgerald, Troy James  David Evans, Brad Mercer , Dennis Steen, & Lance Tuson for the men. Only one leg separated the 5th 6th & 7th positions with Scott Foster being the unlucky one. Also taking part were, Ron Gavins, Ray Davis, Chris Dale, &  Jim Day.
180’s were thrown by  Troy x 2: Scott x 2: Lance x 2: & TJ x1. We wish all who made it every success in the next round, which will be averages, against Logan City, Meakin Park & Gold Coast players. Held here at Beenleigh on Saturday & Sunday the  4th & 5th April.
Anyone making the top 12 will then play the Round Robin singles, here at Beenleigh on Sunday 26th April. ONE DAY ONLY.

The February Adam & Eve team failed dismally to get a decent place, coming in 9th of the 10 teams playing.

Val Lindsay Ladies were, on the other hand very successful in their tournament taking first place. I am told the Don Mac & Samson & Delila also had bad games, coming 4th & 3rd respectively. Brad Mercer threw 1 x 180.

Also the Anthony & Cleopatra comp, Beenleigh were 8th from 10 teams.But Scott Foster threw 2 x 180. Well done Scott.
Selectors, looks like we need a shuffle round to get some wins for Beenleigh. Take a look at the trials results!!!!

The new Zone 10 tournament “The Fundraiser” replaces the Romeo & Juliet comps. It is still between the 4- Zone 10 Associations, Beenleigh Logan, Meakin Pk & Gold Coast, but is now only twice a year instead of 4 times. The first one will be 21st & 22nd March 2009 at Logan.

The World Darts Organization awarded Australia a world ranked event, and this has been given to Queensland. The venue, between the North Qld at Townsville and South Qld, was decided by a QDA postal vote from all 10 Zones.


Zones 1, 2, 4, & 10 held a meeting and put forward a very good hosting plan which was accepted. The competition is to be called “The Australian Sunshine State Classic”, and the inaugural venue is at Redlands on behalf of the 4 zones. Date of comp is October 24th & 25th.  So watch for details as it gets closer. It was also decided that the next years venue is to be Logan City Darts. Prize money for the event will be in excess of $10,000.

Queensland State Trials this year will be held at Inala on the 6th 7th 8th June. This is where players are selected to represent Queensland in the Australian Championships. The first results are from averages played in Zone Teams. From the averages the top 12 men & women will play a round robin to get the final 6 for the State teams. If you can get there, and show some support for our Zone, which is Zone 10 I am sure our players would appreciate it.

The Australian Championships this year are also local to us. It will be held at Redland Multi Sports from the 24th July to 1st August. Now this is a comp to go and watch. Players from all Australian States, Territories & Tasmania, will be there taking part. A wonderful place for badge enthusiasts. Volunteers will be needed for most of the 9 days of competition. Scorers, recorders, table cleaners, souvenir table helpers and general helpers will be required. If you can help, contact Ann Barney or Chris Wolter and let them know which days you can attend.

Beenleigh Darts are now looking for Junior Darts players. With the migration to another association by our previous junior organizer, we need a new person to help with juniors. Any member who may have children or grandchildren, who would like to take up the sport, please contact Chris Wolter. It’s sad, that since we started juniors in 1984, this is the first time we have not had junior teams.
Juniors play according to age, 8-12 junior juniors and 13 – 17 are senior juniors. There are lots of competitions for them too, and the math’s benefit is great for them as well.

The Beenleigh Darts Annual General Meeting is set for Monday the 23rd March at the clubhouse 7pm.
It is a firm rule that all teams be represented at the meeting by at least one team member, and that one person may not represent two teams. Match points are deducted from team points for any team not represented.
Nomination forms are available now on the notice boards, so if you would like to be involved, nominate. If you have not been on a committee before but would like input into how the club is run, or how players are selected for rep teams, this is your chance.

I have finally bought the programs necessary for editing the website, (My older ones would not work on Vista) so it has been updated now.
Till next time……….









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